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• Please Subscribe to Bruce's new YouTube channel now. Here's why   read
• Bruce announces his new YouTube music channel   read
• Bruce's Re-debut Concert November 9, 2019 in NYC   read

• Complete with Pete  read

• Rare Bruce in NYC w/Sally Campbell! Sat., May 7  read
• Bruce sits in w/ Adele Rolider, March 26   read
• Ho Ho Ho to Ha Ha Ha  read

• Thanksgiving 2010 & News  read


• BAC & Bruce for "9/11 Sing"  read
• A Yeehah! About Pete Seeger   read
• Good Show March 13!   read
• March 13 Bruce Plays Concert, Hosts Songwriters   read
• Love Day (Today and Every Day)   read
• Good Things Coming?   read

• Thanks, Raves and Holiday Wishes  read
• Top 10 Reasons to Email Tom Boyd NOW   read
• Bruce & The Ukuladies! Saturday, Dec. 20   read
• Gratitude, a Video and a Useful Link   read
• Digging for Treasure   read
• Bruce sings for Sloan Wainwright   read
• Bruce chosen for Songwriters' Showcase   read
• Gigs, songwriting, sessions & downloads  read
• Bruce at Peru Human Rights Film Fest   read
• Thank you   read
• March 9 Show and Song of Peace Project   read
• Catch Bruce in Rare NYC Show   read
• Successful Docs Without Borders Benefit  read
• Bruce Solo and in a Stellar House Band for DWB  read  

• Holidays/New Year Message   read
• Thanks for coming!   read
• Good Coffeehouse, Fri., May 18   read
• Tribal Soundz   read
• Goodies at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe, Sat., Feb. 17   read
• "Soy Andina" US film debut   read
• Bruce on air   read
• Another benefit and great lineup   read

Bruce on the Radio   read more
• Toni Blackman and Rene Collins   read more
• Bruce on the Tube (and Web)   read more
• Rockin’ for Rock Tavern   read more
• Up Up and Away!   read more
• Peace Balloon launches Sat, Oct 28   read more
• When is news not News?   read more
• Eleven reasons to join the Email List   read more
• What's around the bend?   read more
• The CD & other recordings   read more
• News and Blogs and Audio! Oh, my!  read more
• Recommended earfuls and eyefuls   read more
• Adventures in Studiopia   read more
• Riding the Gigorama  read more
• The Store kicks butts  read more
• True Blue update  read more
• The Store debuts   read more
• Bob Blue's passing   read more
• The Mango Festival report   read more
• Audio on the Music Page   read more
• The Mango Festival happens  read more
• Benefits and the best   read more

• Welcome to the Web site   read more

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