Soy Andina’s long awaited US debut

The video documentary "Soy Andina” makes it’s US debut in New York City on Friday, February 16 (the day before my big concert a few blocks away at Peoples’ Voice Cafe).

For more info go to a previous newsblog entry and the first guest book entry for March 16, ‘06. I may be a bit biased, but it is a great film nonetheless and I recommend you go on the 16th. You can think of it as a practice run for getting to my concert on the 17th -- or make it part of a dazzling New York City full entertainment weekend!

Go to the film Web site (linked in the other entries I mentioned) to buy tix in advance. -- looks like it could sell out. It’s at CUNY Grad Center’s Proshansky Auditorium at 365 5th Ave (between 34th & 35th Streets) at 7 p.m.

I’m currently putting the finishing retouches on my song ”Estamos Muy Contentos” for the new US version of the film. There’s a rumor I may sing live at the debut. I will neither confirm nor dispel that at this time!

In the photo, cinematographer Raul Gallegos, producer-director Mitch Teplitsky, sound man and song lyric co-writer [with Bev Grant and me] Mario Vildésola and I [sporting my old, fuzzy, platinum mustache & a hat] take a break from a full day's shooting of the film's earliest scenes in Llamellin, Péru, December 2000.  

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