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Bruce's Re-Debut Concert November 9th

Bruce Markow with guitar

Hello  world! Please come to the first I'm back concert on Saturday, Nov 9 in NYC, featuring my original singing/songwriting/multi-instrumentalizing "Folk'n'Roll”, after a break of a few years!

Great practice session today, and I'm excited. I…

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Complete with Pete

I don't know about you, but it hit me like a ton of bricks getting the news that Pete Seeger is no longer with us. He went out gracefully and I've since been actively celebrating 94 years of a…

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Bruce's RARE NYC Concert. (1st set: Sally Campbell)

March 19, 2011
Peoples' Voice Cafe 
40 E.35th Street (between Madison & Park Aves) New York NY 10016
$15/TDF/$10 PVC members • "More if you choose, less if you can't" 

Bruce makes a triumphant return to the NYC

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Bruce guests w/Adele Rolider

Peoples' Voice Cafe 
40 E.35th Street (between Madison & Park Aves) 
New York NY 10016 
$15/TDF/$10 PVC members ("More if you choose, less if you can't") 

Bruce supports Adele with guitar. voice and arrangement on Adele's…

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After Ho, Ho, Ho... it's Ha, Ha Ha

At this time of year, as my heart asks to share itself with people I feel gratitude toward and I remember how deeply I wish the best for you, my words tend to heft a spiritual focus. I'd expect no…

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Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Time does fly whether or not you're having fun – but I hope you are having plenty of fun and whatever else fulfills you, since we were last in touch via my music e-list.

I'm writing to wish you a

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A Yeehah! About Pete

I'm still smiling about Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday tribute concert at Madison Square Garden and how the buzz/joy factor lingers, even expands, days later. That experience reminded me - though it doesn't take much reminding - that just our…

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Twas a Good Show March 13!

Big turnout, big music, big love, big success! Thanks to everyone involved at my Good Coffeehouse Music Parlor show and the songwriters' round robin yesterday.

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