After Ho, Ho, Ho... it's Ha, Ha Ha

At this time of year, as my heart asks to share itself with people I feel gratitude toward and I remember how deeply I wish the best for you, my words tend to heft a spiritual focus. I'd expect no less at the end of 2010, when I personally learned plenty about the alchemical possibilities of muck transforming into beauty.

But heft and spirit aside, I'll just offer you something simple, something that may be among "the best medicine" during transitions and other times, something that sounds like a symphony to my ears and heart: the gift of laughter. This video is pure silliness. I will tell you another time about gigs and recordings and the wonders of musical stuff.

But now, on to the music of laughter! That seems like a decent way to enter a new year. Enjoy yourself.


Happy New Year!

With Love,

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