Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Time does fly whether or not you're having fun – but I hope you are having plenty of fun and whatever else fulfills you, since we were last in touch via my music e-list.

I'm writing to wish you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving, with countless riches to be grateful for and the capacity to receive them with gratitude. As for my music news, the general hiatus continues, though graced with a lot of guitar and mandolin study, recording session dates, many great jams, a smattering of smaller gigs and powerful sound-healing work.

As for the future, stay tuned for word on stepping out for at least one big NYC show this spring and a growing hunger to be recording again that may just get fed. I hope you are finding satisfying expression, yourself. Here are a couple of apropos-of-Thanksgiving links:

1. Celebrate the simple joys of life with Matt:

2. An expanded 2008 entry from my holistic bodywork practice's "Well-Being Almanac" on how and why to grow gratitude:


Please stay in touch.

Best to you,

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