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I don’t know how it is for those of you in other parts of the country. (We New Yorkers can get surprisingly provincial when it comes to being aware of other places.) But here in the City over the last year or two we’ve lost too many terrific venues that featured a great array of internationally known -- and unknown -- talented performers, most especially tuned-in singer-songwriters and traditional musicians of both American and other roots. Thank you and we’ll miss you, Bottom Line, CBGB’s/CBGB’s Gallery, Satalla, C-Note, Cafe 111 (and more I’m sure I’ve omitted). I’ve listened at each of these settings and performed at most of them, with gratitude. Fortunately, I’m noticing that new and unusual venues do keep cropping up her and there. (For example, right in my corner of Brooklyn, check out theater/lounge/community center/music school/instrument shop, Jalopy, and two succesful singer-songwriter series at Lyceum and Catharsis at the Perch Cafe.)
There’s a wonderful little store called Tribal Soundz in Manhattan’s East Village that I’ve enjoyed for years, since they first set up shop, where you can browse and buy odd and not-so-odd musical instruments, recordings, and knickknacks from around the world. It has a funky, friendly vibe and time passes quickly shooting the breeze with musician/owner Nora Balaban and others in the constellation of frequenters. With an abiding interest in traditional world music, I’ve taken group lessons right there in the middle of the store, in unusual guitar and vocal styles, even sitar and kora, and have settled onto the rickety, wicker, African seats for some of the best and most intimate concerts I’ve experienced in New York. Rents keep rising all over the City and Tribal Soundz is straining to keep its doors open. If you are local please help them stay afloat by attending their stellar benefit concert series, already underway, filled with outstanding musicians associated with the place. Out-of-towners, please tell your New York friends. I’ve suggested to Nora that she open up their Web site for PayPal donations. Please keep checking. There are just some gems in life we can hardly afford to lose. Thanks. ---- Lightly edited from their e-list mailing: T R I B A L    S O U N D Z Bringing you the world’s music... and everything you need to play it B E N E F I T    S C H E D U L E Pleez support TRIBAL SOUNDZ and music in the neighborhood. We really want to stick around. Thanx to all the unbelievable musicians performing at our benefit.... Its going to be great! BENEFIT CONCERTS IN-STORE - 340 E. 6 Street $10 minimum donation Pleez give more if you can, we need six months rent! Fridays and Saturdays April 13 & 14 8pm April 20 & 21 8pm April 27 & 28 8pm Special Gyil show Sun April 22 11am with VALERIE NARANJO & BARRY OLSEN (West African xylophone music) Some of the other musicians who are appearing:
Abdoulaye Alhassane & Banning Eyre (guitar duo), Will Calhoun (drummer for Living Colour), Dennis Driscoll (NYC stories), Felice Rosser (bass and soul), Anthony Coleman, Louisa Bradshaw, Anders Nilsson & Bill Buchen (guitar, tabla), Chris Berry (solo mbira), Gina Leishman (voice), Marco Capelli /Hayang Kim /Lukas Ligeti (guitar, cello, percussion), John Zorn, Cyro Baptista, Jim Pugliese, Christine Bard, Nora Balaban, Mark Stewart, Concious Reggae Duo, Laraaji (electric zither), Seaman & Queerfunkel, Consider the Source, Steve Gorn (bansuri flute), Timbila (afrodelic trance groove), Marco Cappelli/Jennifer Choi/Vong Pak (violin, guitar, Korean percussion) Full detailed schedule posted at 340 East 6th Street 212.673.5992 open daily 3ish until late Sat 2 - midnite Sun 2pm - 10 or so

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