Top 10 Reasons to Email Tom Boyd NOW

THE TOP 10 REASONS TO RSVP TOM BOYD *NOW* to see Bruce Markow & The Ukuladies on SATURDAY EVE, DEC. 20:

10 • Tom's terrific house concert shows often sell out.
9 • Other than a few 2-song sets, Bruce is coming out of his performance sabbatical exclusively for this one.
8 • Bruce's golden nuggets: Mango, Treasures, Prayer for Peace, Box Before My Time and more
7 • Bruce's newborn songs, like My Swing Guitar Fantasy, Row Row Row Your Boat '08, Peace at the Piano (yes, Bruce will tickle some ivories tonight!) and a sizzling bluegrass send-up specifically composed for this show.
6 • A warmly cosy, relaxed and intimate listening space/living room with an incomparable, breathtaking view
5 • It's THE UKULADIES, people!!!
4 • The Ukuladies will not only serenade you with fine, unique music, but also bring beauty, bravado, balloons and bacon to the stage (as well as champagne and tap dancing). Big fun!
3 • Humans need the Real Stuff to balance December's mumbo jumbo prepackaged holiday cheer-like doo doo.
2 • You won't catch Tom Boyd messin' around with anything that ain't quality, see!?

AND THE #1 REASON TO RSVP TOM BOYD *NOW* to see Bruce Markow & The Ukuladies on SATURDAY EVE, DEC. 20:

1 • We are standing by to dazzle and delight you and touch your heart with music, mirth, refreshments, good company [I've seen the list of respondents.], humanity, high art and fun. You belong there!

MUSIC OVER MANHATTAN House Concerts Bruce Markow and The Ukuladies Saturday, Dec. 20 -- 8 pm to 10:30-ish. 251 West 19th St., #7C (between 7 & 8 Aves.) New York City NY 10011 $15 @ door. RSVP ASAP! Seating limited

For more information:

Oh, and did I remind you to email your RSVP to Tom Boyd NOW?

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