Another Rock Tavern benefit, another great lineup

I played my second event, this time in Garden City, Long Island, to benefit the rebuilding of the UU Rock Tavern/Sanctuary Coffeehouse, which was destroyed in a recent fire. Kudos to organizers Joanne Melosh and Michael Sansonia for producing a quality show with a cast that included talented and tuneful friends Meg Braun and Sharon Goldman, vocalist Marcus Simeone, rapper Adam Sales, baroque dancer Rachel List, reggae artist Lyn Strong, the Irish Band 7s and 3s, poet Will Sales, singer-songwriter Lara Herscovitch (and possibly others to whom I apologize for leaving out their names). There were also good sound and good vibes from C1.

Not only did I do my own set, but I had the extreme pleasure of being in the house band, on electric and acoustic guitars, with ace players and friends Michael Sansonia on piano and the wonderfully comical and theatrical Ritt Henn on double bass, as well as solid-as-a-rock drummer, who I met for the first time, Len Weinstein.
We raised a lot of dough and smiles. 

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