Gratitude, a Video and a Useful Link

[Excerpted from a pre-Thanksgiving email to the e-list, in three sections]

Dear ones,

Thanksgiving has generated feelings, wishes and resources for me that may, in turn, touch you. Last night, as I put down the guitar after completing one of two songs I've been working on for a week (one uncharacteristically funny-with-no-redeeming-social-value and another about the secret to life), I felt infused with music and heart-busting grateful...

for the inexplicable passion and capacity to create a song – something out of nothing – that can bring inspiration and enjoyment to me and people I share it with. (In fact, the challenges I'm experiencing these days seem to be an aphrodisiac to the Muses, who are handing me songs in droves, even via dreams.)

for a body (and mind and emotional/spiritual makeup) that can sing and play guitar, and derive deep pleasure and occasional compelling sounds from it. (Somehow my guitar skills have doubled over the last month, without feeling like I particularly "earned" them.)

for the community that music connects me, and all of us, to. For your own amazing journey and uniqueness. Your kindness, support and friendship mean so much to me.  

Thank you!

This video from playing for change wonderfully conveys the beauty of music and how it interconnects us:

Anticipating Thanksgiving this year got me especially focused on practicing gratitude
, to the point of writing an article with tips on how and why to "Grow an Attitude of Gratitude" (and, while wearing my other hat as a holistic helper/healer, leading a workshop on it last week). Studies say gratitude can literally be a lifesaver. Enjoy the article:

Wishing you happiness, health, wholeness, fulfillment... and thanks.

With love,

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