Benefits often bring out the best in people

Today is web site catching up day. Time for some overdue kudos to Michael Sansonia, who produced a fantastic event on Sunday, January 15 at the vibrant Sixth Street Community Center in New York City's "Alphabet City". It was a benefit for Hurricane Katrina's survivors involved in a creative home building project, and it brought out some of the best of the area's performers, sharing music (Marcus Simeone, Bill Vanaver, Evans Thompson, Andy Heermans and Mason Sansonia [Michael's talented son]) and spoken word (Will Sales, Adam Sales, Sarah Dupuy, Pete Dolack and Mitchel Cohen), as well as a thoroughly engaging magic act (Frank Brents).

Michael is a consummate musician/singer, a great producer, an insightful arranger and a helluva bandleader (not to mention a fun, inspiring guy who's a pleasure to be around).

The house band was an awesome who's who of in-demand session and touring backup players - Stanley Banks, Larry Eagle, Martha Hyde, Joe Bell, Sean Mahoney, Michael (and one or two more I may be forgetting, with apologies) - full out with three horns.

The thrill I got playing in the house band alongside them (despite the orneriness of the jack connection on Michael's telecaster that I used on a few tunes) was at least as big as the one from being backed by them. The whole event was top shelf, yet managed to exude a community feel and a deep aura of generosity.

Thanks, Michael!

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