from Fans, Peers, Press, Promotors & Venues 

"Eloquent, sensitive and full of heart" – Barbara Dean (WBCR-LP 97.7 FM, Gt. Barrington, MA) 

"An amazing stage presence... songs that are so much fun!!" – Jonathan Skurnik (filmmaker) 

"Riveting and filled with energy... world-class! He’s a true Renaissance Man." – Denise Jordan-Finley (singer/songwriter) 

"Hot! Amazingly tasty!" – Vance Gilbert (renowned singer/songwriter) 

“Infectious, irresistible, memorable and tons of fun” – Mitch Teplitsky (filmmaker, Soy Andina

"An inspiring, life-affirming song with a lovely melody and rhythm. . . challenging yet inviting. . . emotionally moving" – Fred Arcoleo (teacher, singer/songwriter) 

"There’s such a quality of generosity in your songs, your music, your stage presence. It's as if you're giving the audience a gift – a chance to simply remember – to feel – the goodness of what it means to be a human being, which we so much need in these troubled times. It's a healing experience." – Stuart Garber (holistic body practitioner) 

"Bruce Markow gave his usual spiritual/energetic galvanizing positive protest performance for an audience that obviously converted to his religion! His [song] "Prayer For Peace" should soon be vying for the new national or universal anthem!" – Melissa Holland (teacher, singer/songwriter) 

"Played your CD over and over all the way home to PA. WOW! I loved every song. I laughed, cried, and bopped along the highway. Thanks so much!" – Annie Mascelli (educator, coach, entrepreneur) 

"Your songs are literate, thought-provoking, witty and wise. (Also, I don't know of another folk-blues guitarist that is brave enough to actually delve into the creation of 'rap-songs' with the same flare that you do)... Your expertise on guitar blends the various 'hooks' of folk/blues/jazz and rock into a form of music that becomes it's own beautiful 'beast'. Great songs! Great show! Your new fan, Chris" – Chris Lang (singer/songwriter) 

"A huge amount of fun... a joyful musicality" – Tom Weiser (performer) 

"Bruce Markow and his smokin' band tore it up at the People's Voice Café on Saturday night before an enthusiastic audience... The wonderful Kim and Reggie Harris provided a great opening set with their great mix of spirituals, civil rights songs and thoughtful, musical original compositions that got everyone right into singing along. Bruce and co. kept right up with the high standard the Harrises set with a tight set of originals by Bruce that got the mind thinking and the toes tapping. It was great to go "Whoa! Whoa!" along with the "Mango" song one more time. Generally, the evening was a reaffirmation that good socially conscious words are being wedded to good, effective music in these troubled times." – Toby Fagenson (singer/songwriter) 

"...poetry in motion... truly a gifted writer" – Patricia Sill (designer, coach) 

"You are a beautiful, beautiful writer... You have such a unique voice... pure poetry and so filled with love. I am transported by the tapestry of your words." – Beth Davis (hand analyst, coach) 

"...good, strong musicianship. Bruce Markow’s technical mastery of his instruments adds a searing world music aspect..." – John Pietaro (concert promoter, musician, union organizer) 

"A virtuoso" – Sally Campbell (Peoples' Voice Cafe, NYC) 

"A dose of charisma and positive energy!... I found your music particularly positive and look forward to hearing it again and also sharing it." – Kathy Moran (concert promoter, NY, CT) 

"We want a BIG event... I liked your vibe so much, I thought you'd be good for this." – Sander Hicks (owner and "chief instigator", Vox Pop [cafe], Brooklyn, NY) 

"Carefully crafted true-life songs performed with heart and soul." – James Reams (bluegrass musician/concert promoter) 

You have a gentle quality, a calm, that makes me feel connected, gives me the effect of connecting to the universe. Your concerts are so fun... I love the fun experience of the singalongs, hopping on the train with the mangos. I get such a joyfulness and deepness. You’re very musical and I feel the joy of the music that moves through you. This may sound simple, but what I want to say is: It makes me feel good." – Jane Babits (singer/songwriter/guitarist) 

"Besides being a skilled singer/songwriter, Bruce is an outstanding and versatile musician. The lyrics he writes can be witty, humorous, sincere, wistful. Whether it's a song expressing his frustration and anger about a political situation, a hopeful song about the good in people, or a spirited song whereby he shares with us his delight in one of life's simple pleasures -- MANGOES -- at the end of a Bruce Markow concert I feel uplifted because, despite human foibles and imperfections, Bruce retains his faith in humankind. He feels quite strongly (and, perhaps, a bit idealistically--but, I'm with him!) that love, in its many forms, will triumph, and ultimately allow us to live meaningful lives. I also enjoy the audience participation aspect of a Bruce concert." – Glenda Garrick 

"...and you know exactly what NOT to play. After hearing you, I have to go home and work that out myself." – Vance Gilbert (renowned performing singer/songwriter) 

"Loved the mandolin!" – SONiA (renowned performer in disappear fear): 

"Fine singing" – Paul Winter (internationally renowned, Grammy winning performing & recording artist/producer) 

“Bruce Markow set the crowd alight.” – Phil Viner (award winning director, novelist and educator, Brighton, England) 

“With Bruce’s music, how could we fail?” – Ben Silver (performing singer/songwriter and occasional musical collaborator) 

"A mix of spirit, humor and play" – Helen Hiebert (renowned paper artisan) 

"...Bruce Markow came to The New Moon Coffee House [now the Echo Lake Coffeehouse] in Leverett, MA at a time when I needed inspiration and turned a tiny New England town into a hot spot and made a small audience feel and sound like a crowd. I decided to come to the gig to be inspired, and that was a wise decision... [He's] written and arranged tunes and words that made a desperate era seem to have potential. Via outstanding lyrics, tunes and arrangements that had us rocking, swaying, and singing along, Bruce made us feel at home, and made me long for his next gig in the Pioneer Valley." – Bob Blue (singer/songwriter, writer, educator) 

"The world needs to hear this music." – John Rajpal (teacher) 


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