Bruce Markow in Concert!

Peoples' Voice Cafe, 45 E. 35rd St., New York, NY

PLEASE NOTE: Bruce's set will run for approximately 55 minutes, with his start time sometime TBD between 8pm and 9:30pm. How about coming for the whole evening? Doors open at 7:30. Get info about the venue and also Concetta Abbate, whose set precedes Bruce's, TBD NOTE: Web site is under partial reconstruction The first music video from the brand new brucemarkowmusic YouTube channel: "Box Before My Time - Live"


“Infectious, irresistible, memorable and tons of fun” "World-class!" “Riveting,” say critics and peers. Singer-songwriter Bruce Markow nourishes heart, soul and consciousness with his unique, evocative Folk’n’Roll: Traditional folk, ‘60s/’70s rock, jazz, Afro-Brazilian and JS Bach-infused songs that inspire audiences to sing along – and leave singing. Embodying his passionate, playful and artfully-crafted creations, Bruce’s inviting voice conveys both our hunger for a world of greater peace, truth and love and our deep capacity for joy. Tonight Bruce plays guitar, grand piano and Appalachian dulcimer and teaches you to sing like a mango. "Eloquent, sensitive and full of heart" "Hot! Amazingly tasty!"


I am so happy to officially announce, "It’s showtime!" Please come to the first concert of my own music in over eight years on the evening of Sat., Nov 9. Bring your amazing self (and friends, too) to join the festivities.

If it is anything like the last time, people of all vocalishness will sing along unabashedly and may even dance again in the aisles (to a solo singer-songwriter, no less. And there may be some guest backup musicians this time, TBA).

Music biz forces long ago demanded a name for what I do. I obliged them with "Folk’n’Roll", but the influences are many. (See the "official" description for a few. And yesterday the moniker morphed into “Woken smokin’ Folk’n’Roll." What do you think?)

Please calendar this and come! Peoples Voice Cafe 40 East 35th Street, basement, NY, NY. Saturday, November 9 at 8pm. (Doors 7:30. My show has a natural flow with a beginning, middle and end, so it's recommended to come on time if you can.) Get tickets at the door for $20... and absolutely nobody is turned away for paying less or more. Seriously.

This is a double bill with singer-songwriter-“badass” classically-trained violinist, Concetta Abbate. I don’t yet know whose set is first, but it all ends by 10:30pm. (She may join a chamber group tonight behind my piano-based “Teach Only Love.”)

I hope to see you at Peoples Voice. I promise to share with you my love, tunefulness and energy, along with the passion, playfulness and craft for which music serves as a vehicle. I myself do it to experience how beautiful and powerful we are together. I hope you will too.

CONCETTA ABBATE Concetta Abbate is a New York City-based violinist and songwriter. Her original songs are inspired by natural science, folk tales, poetry, everyday objects, fleeting sounds scarcely noticed, paper clips, a dusty book, bright fish in time. Little songs like little shells. Described as a "badass violinist" by Garrett Bryant (Hinged), Concetta is best known for her work with poets, dancers and writers of all kinds in the NYC area.

$20/$12 members/nobody turned away