Rockin’ for Rock Tavern

I played at a benefit concert for New York Hudson Valley’s Rock Tavern Unitarian Universalist Congregation, the home of The Sanctuary Coffeehouse, among other things. It burned to a crisp recently.
The show, organized by Tom Boyd and Kathy Moran, featured too many friends to mention from one of my favorite songwriting communities, SummerSongs, and was a nonstop parade of talent and good will. We raised a lot of money for the church and raised a lot of spirits, too.
One big highlight was driving home boogying to the brand new CD from friends Holland, Thompson & Tooch, beautifully produced by another friend, Vito Pettrocitto. You guys are total rock stars. Highly recommended.
Check out Tom Ryan, left, a dashing looking guy under normal circumstances (See proof here, Oct 6, '06), visually interpreting a Jane March song onstage and Vito cracking himself up during his set. Think we had a slightly good time?

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