Bruce sings at Peru Human Rights Film Festival

JULY 17, 2008 Doors open 6:30 p.m. - Film at 6:45 PCCC Auditorium - Corner of Ellison Street & Memorial Drive Paterson NJ 07505 646-761-3479 Price: $10
Bruce sings, dancers dance and the wonderful film "Soy Andina", about discovering personal and community identity, and offering an insider's view of dazzling Peruvian cultural arts, plays on the big screen. Come see a showing of the award winning documentary film Soy Andina (for which Bruce took on the role of associate producer and many other functions) amongst the Peruvian community of Paterson, NJ, nearby where Bruce (as well as the film's director, Mitch Tepitsky) grew up. Afterwards there will be dance performances by the movie's two protagonists as well as a short set -- including the "theme" song of the film, "Estamos Muy Contentos" -- by Bruce. After that, a Q&A. The evening ends early at 9 p.m. The film is in English and Spanish, with a little Quechua! This showing's version has subtitles in Spanish. NEWS FLASH: Bruce's fully realized rendition of "Estamos Muy Contentos", as heard in the film, will be available by digital download soon. Expect an as-yet-undebuted English language version soon, too. Stay tuned to this web site! Get directions to Passaic County Community College. There are also buses from Port Authority and frequent mini vans across the street on West 40th. This screening/performance is part of a powerful series, the first Peru Human Rights Film Festival, which is just one of the programs created by the TIKSI Group.


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