Bruce records new track for True Blue CD

Following up on the last paragraph of the March 19 news turned out to be an adventure. 

A week before Bob Blue died he had asked me personally to replace, with something else, my recording of his re-written version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" since it had just failed to get publisher's licensing. 

Bob had a list of songs he hoped to include on his tribute CD and a few of those were still unaccounted for on the project. Now without Bob on the scene the problem was digging them up. After an extensive search the producer found lyrics - but no indication of the music, and time was running out before mastering deadlines. So I wrote new music and some extra lyrics for choruses to two of the songs. I believe they gave Bob’s words a lot of impact. 

Still, we made one last attempt to honor Bob’s original concept and I finally located Anne White, who hurriedly faxed the gorgeous canon setting for “Napkin Poem” that she had written for Bob. It arrived in time for me to create a recording on the last day before final production -- and on the day of a memorial ceremony for Bob. It was an intimate consolation to missing that gathering. Stay tuned for the CD's release. 

I’m hoping to make further tribute down the road by sharing my “new” songs that Bob is still co-writing! 

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