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Bruce Markow: Music

Prayer for Peace (1 Love)

(© Bruce Markow)

[artist's proof]
This artist's proof version is now ready for your ears. The song received an award from the organization "Peacedriven" and was part of a 2006 event in Washington, DC, when a hand-crafted hot air balloon, with decorations inspired by "Prayer", launched into the twilight as I sang an extended version. There's even more story behind this song -- ask me at a show!

"Bruce Markow gave his usual spiritual/energetic galvanizing positive protest performance for an audience that obviously converted to his religion! His "Prayer For Peace" should soon be vying for the new national or universal anthem!" - Melissa Holland (teacher, singer/songwriter)

"Prayer for Peace" is available in its entirety on the new four song CD-EP, Demolicious4. To purchase one or more copies of the recording, go to the Bizarre Bazaar.

Meanwhile, please envision, work for and pray for peace. May your heart be filled with it.

One one one one one one one one

One love, one light
One dream have I:
Brothers and sisters around the earth
uniting in peace tonight

Good friends, dear friends
Love’s in the palm of your hands right now
sown from love’s seed inside your heart
that a garden may bloom wherever you stand


Once I saw you
I knew that there is a perfect plan
When you touch one you touch all
It’s never so true that the world’s in our hands


The more that we see, the more that we do,
the more we have known the kernel of truth
If not me, who? If not now, when?
The chance now to choose again and again and again...

(Chorus variation)
One one one one...
One dream have I:
Brothers and sisters around the earth
uniting in peace tonight

One, one, one, one...