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Bruce Markow: Music

Bruce's Discography

(Solo, Compilations, Guest Performances, Film Scores and Covered Compositions & Co-writes)


• The Lure of Love's Call (working title), full length CD (forthcoming)

• Demolicious4, Artist's proof, "amazingly tasty," four song demo CD-EP

"I can't stop listening."

"Played your CD over and over all the way home to PA. WOW! I loved every song. I laughed, cried, and bopped along the highway. Thanks so much!"

Available at the Bizarre Bazaar.

• "Mango" - CD single Artist's Proof #001A

"'Mango' sounds great! Your voice is amazing on it."

"It's such a feel good song!"

Available at the Bizarre Bazaar.


• True Blue (CD tribute to Bob Blue, forthcoming), "Back in the One's Place", "Poem on a Napkin" - all instruments, voices, arrangements and production


• A Few More Miles to Go, Anne Price - mandolin, guitar, voice

• Smaller Things, Glen Roethel - mandolin on "Pumpkin Street" and "The Lovers"

• "Where Women Rule" (CD single), Bev Grant - slide guitar, mix consultation

• The Parody Man, Toby Fagenson - voice on "Slowing Down to Lethargy"

• I've Been Up On the Mountain, Steve Suffet - mandolin on "Banks of the Ohio" and "John Hardy", voice

• The Power of Song, The Brooklyn Women's Chorus - acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin, mandola; choral and 'cello arrangement on "Bread and Roses"

• High on You, Samahria Lyte - guitars and guitar arrangements

• Earthbeat, the Paul Winter Consort - voice – GRAMMY NOMINEE

• Pete, Pete Seeger - voice – GRAMMY WINNER

• The Choice, Linda Worster - mandolin

• Dancing in the Fire, Robert Lee Camp - mandola, keyboard and co-composition on "Farewell"

• (title?), Pete Smith - guitar and mandolin


• Soy Andina - "Estamos Muy Contentos", all voices, guitars, mandolin, mandola, fipple flutes, bass, percussion, keyboard, production, co-composition

• Kripalu Center, Health for Life - "Treasures", guitar, voice, composition

• Basketball the Dave Cowens Way - guitars, slide guitar, bass, mandola, fiddle, banjo, all score composition and arrangement

• How to Buy a Used Car - acoustic/electric guitars, bass, mandola, fiddle, voice, all score and song composition and arrangement, sound engineering


• Cheeky Woman, Bev Grant & the Dissident Daughters – "In America" by Bev Grant & Bruce Markow, [mp3/lyrics] and [video]

• (YouTube broadcast), GatheringTime – "Prayer for Peace (1 Love)" by Bruce Markow, [video]