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Bruce Markow: Music


(© Bruce Markow)

All your treasures are inside
and those goodies that you hide
all come bubbling to the surface
as you live a life of purpose
with your treasures from inside.

Well, I’ve done a whale of worrying and burned a ton of time. Do you think I was getting closer to the preaching of the teachers who were reaching out to me? Well I still must tell you, “No, sir” I was growing weary. I was going blind. Though I got another handout, wasn’t ready yet to stand out with my treasures from inside


So you want a mound of moolah, got to have a pile of cash. I won’t say it’s all in vain now. But if Wall Street went on tumbling and it all turned into ash I could see you’d be in pain now. Ooh, you’re such a sweetheart! Got to let you know. When you find the gold within you then whatever comes you’ll win. You’ll feel your treasures from inside


Did your mama and your papa and your teachers say to you that to love yourself’s conceited? If they told you and you told yourself it just may be the source of the times you feel defeated. Please know you are exquisite and you’ve got it all. And the pressures that you’re feeling are the treasures in there squealing, “Let us out from deep inside!”


On purple mountains’ majesty, above the fruited plain, there is beauty all around you. It reflects your inner beauty and as sure as you were born, when you know that you’ll have found you. Everyone’s your lover. Everything’s your love. So don’t be a party pooper. Know that you’re already super with your treasures from inside


...treasures from inside
treasures from inside...
Everything’s your love.