What's around the bend?

The next month features several more peace directed shows, from backing the Brooklyn Women's Chorus in support of Kenya's Umoja Village to kickin' out the jams at the first Dissident Folk Festival to playing at Brooklyn's renowned Peace Fair (with the backing of Glen Roethel and Bev Grant) to fundraising to rebuild the scorched Rock Tavern UU Church, which hosted the Sanctuary Coffeehouse. No doubt the most unusual and exciting event is my collaboration with master paper artisan, Helen Hiebert of Portland, OR, with whom I will launch, under spotlights, into the twilight sky, a fibrous, paper, hot air Peace Balloon, inspired by my song “Prayer for Peace” (see lyrics and audio clip), in Washington, DC. For more of that story go to the calendar and scroll to the description for Sat, October 28. (I'm intending to arrange a venue or house concert in the Washington-Baltimore area Sunday, the next day. -- If you have any good leads for that, please contact me ASAP. Thanks.) That same "Calendar" Web page is the place to go for specifics on newly added dates, as well as for the ones I've mentioned. I hope to see you at one or more of them.

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