Up Up and Away!

The Prayer for Peace Balloon launch was a hoot. After a surprisingly fascinating dinner-presentation from the folks at Hand Papermaking magazine -- including one inspired speaker who hushed the room by exploring the variations of sounds made by different fibered papers rustled in front of her microphone (She’s a woman after my own heart and in the tradition of the Healing Power of Sound workshops I run.) -- it was time for the evening’s featured activity: The Launch.
Well, the gods spared us the predicted rain, but gave us a pretty cold, blustery wind. We had to make last minute adjustments to stretch power lines for the music’s sound reinforcement, the video camera and Helen Hiebert’s rig for her balloon. We also had to find an alternate location where the balloon could be seen by the crowd, but wouldn’t blow over! Pretty hysterical, but we pulled it off. All in all it was a great, effective experience.
Helen’s balloon was beautiful, I enjoyed singing a long impromptu extension to Prayer for Peace” and Tom Bannister of the magazine & his wife Lourene Miovski were fine hosts (later placing an order for a stack of my new CD-EPs, Demolicious 4 [available at gigs and right here at the Bazaar]).
The afterstory: Helen’s balloon is now exhibited at the Aerospace Museum at the College Park, MD airport, accompanied by references to the song. The video evidently didn’t come out and I’ve yet to see a less-than-fuzzy picture of the event. I’ve included pics of the paper sounding experience (which reminds me: The backdrop during my pre-dinner concert was a giant paper chicken!!!), Helen making the balloon and a fuzzy shot of the lit balloon almost full. I’ll share more if it manifests.
I enjoyed strolling around Washington the next day. Here’s my "beauty shot" of the reflecting pool at the Mall and a self portrait while hangin’ with Abe L.
Meanwhile, please keep envisioning, working for and praying for peace.


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