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A few days ago I completed and began distributing a demo CD-EP, called Demolicious 4, of interim mixes of “Enough”, Let’s Be Honest”, “Prayer for Peace” and “Shine a Little Light”. Email at info(at)brucemarkow(dot)com to purchase for $8 plus $2 postage. There's a special offer at a special price combined with the CD single “Mango” (which has been a fundraiser for the full length CD project to promote peace, truth and love) exclusively for members of my email list (hint to join! -- and ask what offer I made.). Check out the Bizarre Bazaar for other products -- and the CD-EP may appear there in the future. [Yes! It is available there now! -- ed.] Meanwhile, the full CD is shaping up with gusto. Still, I need to raise more funds to complete it and, oh, how I’d rather be a musician than a banker! Could you, would you, please help ease the quest? I need to meet the costs of a hefty, new Mac computer ASAP to handle the home recording load, plus miscellaneous pieces of music equipment and software, outside studio recording, mixing and mastering, musicians’ fees and physical production. Care to carry some of the weight? Would it entice you more if I displayed the project's needs on something like a gift registry? Please email me and let me know. And thank you for whatever you offer. One more joyous completion: Since I last wrote, the first version of the enthralling video documentary celebration of Peru, dance and identity, “Soy Andina”, went in the can and it already made the rounds of festivals and venues throughout Peru to great acclaim. My recording of my song-collaboration “Estamos Muy Contentos" pulses jauntily over the final credits, ushering home the doc’s good feeling. I love the film in its current incarnation. It has evolved into a beautiful story, beautifully told under the care of Mitch Teplitsky, with whom I initially founded the video project. After co-directing/producing the original trailers I scaled back to associate producer and consultant, while Mitch worked ceaselessly to see it through. Congrats, Mitchito! Look for it in US distribution soon.

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