Eleven reasons to join the Email List

1-6 • Early notice of, for example, these last six News items in your inbox. (OK, so maybe that’s pushing it for six reasons –- after all, they all went out in one “occasional” newsletter.)

7 • Exclusive merchandise offers and prices

8 • A good, dumb joke embedded into each newsletter

9 • Reminders (sparingly, tactfully & respectfully submitted) for concert appearances

10 • Bruce’s essential recommendations and oh, let’s say, unique perspective.

11 • Membership in an exclusive group of humanoids with refined, funky taste, partaking in peace, truth, love, mango-like juiciness, good music and good times – or whatever your optional participation brings to it.

Bonus Reason 12 • Your email address will never be shared, sold or abused. That’s an absolute guarantee.

Bonus Reason 13 • It’s easy. Just sign up on the top right corner of this page now.

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