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Bruce Markow: Bio

Bruce Markow

Bruce Markow’s Folk’n’Roll sows lyrical melodies and a poetic, uplifting message in a soul-gratifying garden of smart and evocative songs. He is sought for his multi-instrumental prowess, steeped in traditional folk, 60’s pop, gypsy swing, JS Bach and Afro-Brazilia; and an expressive voice fans have likened to Van Morrison's, James Taylor's and Todd Rundgren's. Both offerings spice Bruce’s “Demolicious4” and “Mango” solo CDs and his performances and recordings with Paul Winter, Pete Seeger and many others. Bruce’s songs evoke the wonders and woes of growing more fully alive. He conveys both the deep human capacity for joy and our hunger for a world of greater peace, truth and love. Singer Vance Gilbert calls Bruce’s music "Hot! Amazingly tasty!" and filmmaker Mitch Teplitsky declares it "infectious, irresistible, memorable and tons of fun."

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A Few Quotes:

"Hot! Amazingly tasty!"
          – Vance Gilbert, singer-songwriter
"Eloquent, sensitive and full of heart"

          – Barbara Dean, WBCR-FM Great Barrington, MA
"Infectious, irresistible, memorable and tons of fun"

          – Mitch Teplitsky, documentary filmmaker "
Riveting and filled with energy... World-class"

          – Denise Jordan-Finley, singer-songwriter

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Bruce Markow


Bruce has been using all his energy and finances to heal from a debilitating illness. Negotiating adrenal insufficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome and the side effects of medication has been the unexpected challenge of a lifetime, and he is facing it with courage and dignity. Now he needs considerable, immediate financial help to pay for rent, food and medical bills while he focuses on regaining his health.

Please keep peaceful prayers for Bruce's total well-being in your thoughts... and contribute as much as you can ASAP for Bruce's Healing. All funds go directly to building and safeguarding his health.

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